19th Anniversary Awards Dinner held on August 24, 2013

at the Crystal Ballroom, Double Tree Hotel in Torrance, California

    The 2013 Community Leadership Award recipients: US Representative Maxine Waters (D), Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee; Anne Shen Smith, CEO of The Gas Company; Linda Sarno, Past President and Director Emeritus of Filipino American Chamber of Commerce OC and City of Walnut were honored in recognition and appreciation for their outstanding commitment and dedication to the Filipino-American community.

    The keynote speaker, US Representative Ed Royce (R), Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee, is a champion, a hero and a brother to the Filipino-Americans. He has been helping the victims of land abuses in the Philippines, particularly, land grabbing and land locking. He has asked President Aquino and several Cabinet Secretaries to enforce the Rule of Law and the Respect of Property Rights which is essential to attain the vision of President Aquino which is to remove the negative image of the Philippines as the Sick Man of Asia and transform to the Next Tiger of Asia.

    US Representative Maxine Waters (D), Ranking Member of House Financial Services Committee will also help stop the land abuses in the Philippines.